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This is truly a speaking mastermind group that can produce results. ...  

Henry DeVries

What People Say?
Within my first year of membership, I have found this to be a very beneficial experience. Through interaction with the fellow members of the Speakers I have gained exposure to fellow business professionals that are enabling me to take my business to the next level. The wonderful and open atmosphere within the group has also aided in my professional growth as well.

Donnell Webster
Image Consultant, Excellerate

This is truly a speaking mastermind group that can produce results. Thanks to the shared database I have found six key speaking engagements in the past year, including being the keynote speaker at a large conference of more than 100 senior business executives. Also, the insights of the other speakers are helping me get paid gigs of $500 and $1,000 and more for groups that I would pay to speak in front of. What I like most is this is not a group for the wannabes; instead, this is for business experts who are already promoting their business through speaking. Plus I have found more than half dozen people to speak at events I am staging throughout Southern California.

Henry DeVries
CEO, New Client Marketing Services

I love the energy of being in the same room as people who are living their passion, making a difference in peoples lives. It inspires and energizes me to be among a group of gifted people. I put speaking as a priority and follow through with sending out speaking letters and gaining speaking engagements to promote my business. It is my number one best marketing strategy and this group reinforces it each month. The networking allows for making professional connections that I enjoy.

Marilyn August
Business Advisor/Consultant, Wealth & Wisdom Seminars

It is rare to find a group that not only allows me to hone my speaking skills in a supportive environment; it also helps me with the business of speaking from packaging my offerings to finding new opportunities.

Norman Wolfe
President & CEO, Quantum Leaders, Inc.

I have gained immeasurable results. Not only have I been exposed to many more speaking opportunities, but my consulting practice has blossomed as a result of these opportunities. I have also enjoyed my interface with the other speakers. They are high quality professionals with meaningful messages to deliver. I recommend this group to both speakers and organizations seeking speakers.

Howard Fletcher
Executive Consultant

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