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Donnell Webster

There are 20 reasons to be a Dental Speakers Forum Member:

1 Your own Speakers Page on DentalSpeakersForum.com complete with your bio, speaking topics, pictures, audio and video.
2 You have an opportunity to create a podcast and have it distributed online.
3 Exposure to meeting planners, organizations and companies looking for speakers.
4 Monthly list of contacts booking speakers.
5 Access to VIP events and members in the group.
6 Promote your upcoming events on DentalSpeakersForum.com website.  (See guidelines for details)
7 Interview on YourSuccessRadio.com (Open to members who have been a member for a minimum of 3 months)
8 Network with Speakers at different levels to gain ideas, tips, strategies and techniques so that you are able to speak more and make more money from speaking.
9 Ability to upload your articles, podcast and events to the community.
10 Ability to sell your products and services through the website.  (Coming Soon!)
11 You get a low cost way to gain exposure.
12 You have access to all the chapters as a member.
13 Powerful resources for speakers are delivered to you at a special price.
14 Access connections that will get you speaking more.
15 Leverage yourself through a bigger organization.
16 Gain new ideas on ways to make money doing unpaid and paid speaking.
17 Online exposure as a member of Dental Speakers Forum.
18 Gain additional business through networking with other members.
19 Get training geared specifically towards speakers.
20 Opportunity to create your own “7 minute – Speaker Tune Up”

You get all of this and a whole lot more for a small investment each month. Click here to belong to one of the most resourceful and productive speaking organizations in the world.

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